DVM Balloons Ep. 3 – Moving to Hawaii with Dr. Adrien Pesqué
Andy Chiang, DVM

Andy Chiang, DVM

Oct 01, 2022

DVM Balloons Ep. 3 – Moving to Hawaii with Dr. Adrien Pesqué

What did you really enjoy doing as a kid? 

The answer to this simple question defined the next phase of Dr. Adrien Pesqué’s life. His answer was “playing in the ocean and being active outside.” As soon as he answered that question, he knew that the next 6 months would be dedicated towards a singular goal – relocating to Hawaii.

Rewind time back to mid-2017, Dr. Adrien Pesqué had successfully completed a demanding raptor internship at the University of Minnesota. He had planned to move to California, but that fell apart when his long term relationship abruptly ended. All of a sudden, his relationship had failed, he had no job, and he had no home to go back to. All he had at that time was a U-Haul truck of all his belongings and his cat, Martin.

While he drove across the country, he cycled through all of his emotions, and he wondered “what’s next?” and “what would make me happiest?”

That’s when he asked himself that simple, yet power question: “what did I love doing as a kid?” This isn't a difficult question, it's just a matter of re-discovering that passion and making it a priority.

I love Dr. Pesqué’s story behind his move to Hawaii. Everyday, we face countless decisions and challenges. Every single moment, numerous thoughts flow through our mind. Because of that, we are constantly asking ourselves questions that are often far too complex. At times, those questions might not even make sense. As we get older, we forget how to place our thought process in its simplest state, and we forget the important questions. Even worse yet, we become afraid to ask questions like “what makes ME genuinely happy.”

When Dr. Pesqué answered that question, he had no one else to answer to but himself.

That simple question led to one of the best decisions in Dr. Pesqué’s life. With time and dedication, he successfully relocated to Hawaii. Now Dr. Pesqué not only works happily as a veterinarian, but he also surfs whenever he can, goes on beautiful trail runs, swims with wild dolphins, and does everything he can to maximize his experience as the newest Hawaiian resident.

I hope you enjoy this DVM Balloon episode. Take some time off and ask yourself those simple questions. The answer may just change your life, like it did for Dr. Pesqué.

Andy Chiang, DVM

Andy Chiang, DVM

Dr. Chiang is a relief veterinarian, web developer, and entrepreneur who believes that the mental wellbeing crisis within the veterinary industry can be drastically improved through exploration and collaboration. In his free time, he is a fitness enthusiast who also enjoys traveling and trying out new food. Oh, he is also a corgi fanatic!

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